C/C++ programming

OpenGL : An API used for creating 3D univers. Definitely the best API for portable code.
OpenGL - official website

GLEW manages OpenGL extensions with a simple #include<GLEW.h>. Useful for overriding the OpenGL 1.1 limitation on Windows.
GLEW - The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

You are looking for an advanced openGL tutorial ? You are using several programming languages ? Neon Helium can definitely help you.
NEHE - Neon Helium

D Programming

The D programming language is still young but it is incredibly powerful.
D programming language - Digital mars.

A useful wiki for D programming.
Wiki4D - D programming language wiki.

Do you know sourceforge.net ? Here is its equivalent for the D programming language.
dsource.org - open source community for the D Programming Language.

You are feared not to be able to use the libraries you know with the D programming language ? Derelict is here to save you. Derelict allows you to access C libraries like OpenGL/AL, SDL and many others.
Derelict - collection of D bindings to C shared (dynamic) libraries.


Another CSS website : some advanced techniques to avoid using JScript everywhere.
css / edge

a background image maker for web 2.0 websites.
Background image maker


Do you find information from main stream medias biased or incomplete ? Come take a look at Agoravox articles. This site is made by net surfers for net surfers, you can also debate on various actual subjects.
AgoraVox - The citizen media